Scarf Knit Along - Casting On

Today we’ll be talking about how to cast on the stitches to begin your scarf. There are numerous ways to cast on stitches and many knitters have personal preferences. If you have a favorite, feel free to use it! I’ll explaining the simplest method, which will work perfectly for this project. All you’ll need for this step is one of your needles and your yarn.

Remember, if you are new to knitting it might be helpful to have some additional resources to help you along in these first stages.  Don’t worry if it’s tricky at first, you’ll get the hang of it!


First, make a slipknot at the end of your yarn, leaving a small tail, and slide it onto a needle.  (A slipknot is like a regular knot except you pull a loop of yarn through when you would normally pull the other end through.)


The loop of the slip knot will be your first stitch. To cast on the second, draw the yarn (attached to the ball) around your thumb and hold it gently with three fingers against your palm as pictured below.


Now, take the point of your needle and bring it around the outside of the yarn, away from your fingers.  Then slip it underneath as seen below.

Pull your thumb out and use your fingers to grasp the yarn and pull the stitch taught to the needle.


You’ve made your second stitch! Repeat the process (beginning by wrapping the yarn around your thumb) and your stitches will look like this:


*make sure your stitches aren’t pulled too tightly - they should be secure but still able to move along the needle freely.

The pattern calls for 42 cast on stitches.  If you feel comfortable starting the scarf right away, go for it! If you still feel like you need some practice, try casting on some stitches, pulling them out, and repeating a few times for practice.

Next up is learning about the knit and purl stitches (which are the only stitches that this pattern requires!)