Etsy Wednesday

Here in Massachusetts it’s been a very mild winter so far but it’s getting colder and rumors of snow abound. For me, cold weather, snow, and little sunlight mean my mood takes a dip so I thought this would be a good opportunity to feature some Etsy finds that promote warmth and comfort.

Why not make yourself a hot cup of tea with Organic White Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea from The Cozy Leaf?

Grab your tea and head to a steamy bath with some French Red Clay Soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop:

Then, why not curl up under this cozy throw blanket from Biscuit Scout:

If the throw itself is out of your price range, grab the downloadable pattern for the same throw and knit away!

Happy nesting!

Holiday Ornament Roundup

Here are a few of my favorite diy holiday ornaments that I’ve seen floating around the blogosphere this season!


{Felted Bell Ornaments, Washi Tape Ornaments, Pom Pom Ornaments, Clay Lollipop Ornaments, Simple Statement Ornaments, Candy Cane Marbled Ornaments, Vintage Felt Baubles, Balls Up Ornaments}

Happy Holidays!

Creative Spaces

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to redecorate.  Back in my younger years, my mom was a seamstress and crafter and my dad was a woodworker so there were always plenty of extra materials lying around.  I used to rearrange my furniture, paint murals on my walls, and build/reconstruct pieces for for bedroom on a regular basis.  I felt so empowered and enlivened by what I could come up with and create all on my own.

Now days, some of that giddiness still returns when I think about the decorating possibilities for my precious creative space.  Below are some of my favorite inspiration pictures that I have gathered on my Pinterest account: (if you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, please do, it’s amazing!)





There are so many different styles when it comes to organizing and decorating creative spaces.  It seems some people are purely practical while others prefer to put aesthetics first - and of course most of us probably fall somewhere in between. I definitely think there is still a discrepancy between my ideal creative space and the one I actually have now, but isn’t continuous improvement part of the fun?What kind of creative space do you have? What do you love about it and what do you wish to improve about it?