Etsy Wednesday

Hi friends! I know I’ve been a bit of an absentee blogger as of late so I wanted to touch base with a new Etsy Wednesday.  This time I’m featuring some home decor items especially for the living room.

This Etsy Wednesday is also accompanied with some news… I will be moving into a new apartment very soon, and this time it’s all by myself! Sure, I’m a little nervous, having never lived alone before, but this means I’ll have the whole space to decorate to my taste which makes me pretty giddy!

Here are some items from Etsy that I think would be perfect for the warm, classic, subtly feminine living room I have in mind:


         {Purple Vintage Wallpaper Inspired Coaster Set from No Sweat Coasters}

                       {READ Text Bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts}

                        {Vintage Milk Glass Bud Vases from Becki B’s Remade}

Mini Gardens

So I know it’s the middle of winter but I couldn’t resist writing about some of the exceptionally cute miniature planters that seem to be popping up in the handmade blogosphere.


                                  {Shell-Potted Succulents from radmegan}

Succulents are hardy and easy to care for and if you’re apartment dwelling like myself, what a perfect way to garden in a small space!

                                     {Micro Planter How-To from The Etsy Blog}

Happy Growing!

May I Have the Envelope Please?

Today is our introduction to the plain and simple envelope style pillow.  Since this pillow will be free from embellishment, experiment with interesting prints or bold colors and let the fabric do the work for you!


You can also try using different types of fabric to give your pillow appeal.  Doesn’t the blue Dupioni Silk pillow cover look luxurious?  Or consider a fabric with a lot of texture like the ones below.


This type of pillow only requires sewing in a straight line and no hand stitching so it’s a good project to start with if you’re new to sewing.  It also calls for minimal supplies.  The items you’ll need are as follows:

1 yd of fabric or more if the fabric is narrow or you’re planning on making a really large pillow (Try to choose a fabric that’s medium to heavy weight. Things like cotton canvas, upholstery fabric, medium to heavy weight linen and linen/cotton blends, wool blends, and heavier silk blends work really well.)

1 pillow form that’s 1-2 inches bigger then your desired finished size. For example, I will be making a 16” pillow and using an 18” pillow form. (The bigger pillow form will give you a plumper, fuller pillow.)

Sewing machine needle (be sure to choose an appropriate size needle for the thickness of your fabric.)

Sewing thread in a matching color (you may want to consider getting a stronger thread like a topstitching or upholstery thread if your fabric is particularly heavy)

So gather your inspiration and your materials and get ready!

The Power of the Pillow

A great canvas to practice and implement your diy skills and handmade craftiness is home decor.  Home decor projects can range from very simple to ultra complicated and use a wonderfully wide range of materials.  It can even get overwhelming! But don’t worry, simple can still be stylish.

One of the simplest projects with the option for almost endless customization is the throw pillow. Now, before you raise your eyebrows and write them off as boring and outdated, be sure to look at yesterday’s Etsy Wednesday post and check out some of these:




Now, if you clicked on any of these lovelies, happened to glimpse the price, and are anything like me, you smiled gleefully to yourself knowing you could make similar pieces for so much less!

Now this is where is gets exciting - introducing "A Maker’s Affair Home Decor Series: The Power of the Pillow."  This will be a week long segment including inspiration, tutorials, and fun techniques to get you addicted started on making your own decorative pillows. Tomorrow we’ll look at some simple yet dynamic envelope style pillow coverings which will be followed by a tutorial on making your own!

For a little inspiration about the possibilities for the upcoming week consider this: a pillow doesn’t necessarily have to be a standard shape or size!


Etsy Wednesday

Want to know a great way to add color, warmth, texture, and comfort to a room with just one piece? Grab a throw pillow!  Pick from some of these lovely choices and be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

     House Pillow

This pillow from OliveHandmade would be a charming addition to any couch or bed!

                                 Big Bow Pillow

Here’s a pillow from BedBuggs that’s feminine and adds a lot of visual interest!


This pillow from miaandstitch is evidence that you don’t necessarily need a lot of embellishment for a dynamic design.

Happy Wednesday!